Hair Majesty Unleashed: North American Hairstylists Awards Strikes a Pose with The One Up Group’s Spectacular Touch!


Audio / Video

The One Up Group orchestrated an audio and video symphony at NAHA ’23, where crystal-clear sounds met larger-than-life visuals, creating an immersive experience that echoed the artistry of hairstyling. Elevate your senses with the perfect harmony of sight and sound!



The One Up Group turned lights into magic, casting an enchanting glow on every style. With cue-to-cue precision, they painted the night with a spectrum of hues, making NAHA ’23 a dazzling spectacle that lit up the hairstyling world.


Stage Design

The stage at NAHA ’23 wasn’t merely a backdrop—it was a living, breathing masterpiece. As the night unfolded, our dynamic stage design evolved into a mesmerizing journey where every strut and style revealed the pulse of hairstyling innovation.



Defying Gravity, Redefining Elegance! Behind the scenes at NAHA ’23, our rigging experts orchestrated a ballet of technical prowess. Ensuring every element hung in perfection, our intricate rigging design wasn’t just support—it was the unseen choreographer, elevating the glamour to new heights.

North American Hairstylists Awards

In the fast-paced world of hairstyling, where creativity and innovation take center stage, the North American Hairstylists Awards (NAHA) stood out as a beacon of glamour and excellence. This year’s spectacle, meticulously crafted by The One Up Group, not only celebrated the industry’s top talent but also set a new standard for experiential design.

As the night unfolded, the energy in the room reached a fever pitch, fueled by the electrifying atmosphere and the anticipation of witnessing history in the making. And when the final award was handed out, it was not just a celebration of individual talent but a testament to the collective passion and dedication of the hairstyling community.

A Symphony of Services: Crafting the Unforgettable

The One Up Group left no strand unturned, providing a comprehensive suite of services that transformed the awards night into a multisensory extravaganza. From the initial concept to the final bow, The One Up Group’s services included:

  • Stage Concept and Design:

    Genius creativity unfolded on the stage, seamlessly integrating the essence of hairstyling artistry. The stage transformed into a canvas, bringing each stylist’s talent vividly to life.

  • Audio and Sound Systems:

    Crystal-clear sound reverberated through the venue, enhancing the experience for every guest, ensuring that not a single moment of the night was missed.

  • Video Screens and Custom Content:

    Larger-than-life visuals captivated the audience, bringing the creativity of hairstyling to the forefront. Custom content provided a narrative that complemented each award category, immersing the attendees in the world of NAHA ’23.

  • Lighting Magic:

    The cue-to-cue lighting shows were nothing short of magic, transforming the atmosphere with every flicker. The meticulously designed lighting plots accentuated the hairstyles on display and created an ambiance of pure enchantment.

  • Rigging Expertise:

    The technical prowess of The One Up Group was evident in the flawless execution of rigging plots. Rigging techs ensured that every element of the production was securely in place, allowing the event to flow seamlessly.

  • All-Encompassing Technical Staffing and Logistics:

    Behind the scenes, a dedicated team orchestrated a symphony of technical brilliance, ensuring that every aspect of the event, from setup to tear-down, ran like a well-oiled machine.

Revolutionizing Glamour with Experiential Brilliance

Client Delight: A Testimony to Success

The accolades didn’t stop at the end of the night. The Professional Beauty Association expressed that NAHA ’23 was not only their best event to date but also boasted the most exquisite stage design the show had ever experienced. The One Up Group’s ability to elevate the event beyond expectations speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence.

The Buzz Continues: NAHA ’23 Takes the Spotlight

As the curtain fell on NAHA ’23, the reverberations of The One Up Group’s expertise continued to echo through the industry. The buzz surrounding this exceptional event design has set the bar higher for future hairstyling extravaganzas, making NAHA ’23 a pivotal moment in the evolution of beauty and style.

In a world where trends are born overnight, The One Up Group has firmly established itself as the trendsetter, proving that when creativity meets technical precision, the result is nothing short of sensational. NAHA ’23 will be remembered not just as an awards show but as an immersive experience that left an indelible mark on the hairstyling landscape. In the realm of glamour and sophistication, The One Up Group doesn’t just meet expectations; they redefine them.


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