Centennial Brilliance: Illuminating The Rose Bowl’s Historic 100th Anniversary Party



Transforming The Rose Bowl into a luminous wonderland, our tailored lighting services at ‘The Party of The Century’ stole the spotlight. With custom cues synced to the rhythm and the grandeur of moving heads, we crafted a visual spectacle that dazzled and delighted.



Elevating ‘The Party of The Century’ to new heights, we rigged the stage with precision and flair. From seamless load-ins to intricate setups, our team ensured every moment stood tall. The stage wasn’t just set; it was a marvel suspended high in the air, adding a touch of theatrical magic to The Rose Bowl’s historic celebration.


Technical Production

We took the reins as the technical producers for ‘The Party of The Century.’ From logistics and load-ins/out to power needs and rigging, we navigated the intricate landscape, ensuring a flawless execution. Our team’s precision turned every technical element into a harmonious masterpiece, defining the artistry behind the scenes.



We orchestrated a logistical loading schedule, coordinating trucks and vehicles to ensure a flawless load-in and load-out. Every gear and element moved with precision, ensuring a seamless strategy for The Rose Bowl’s historic celebration. Our backstage efficiency laid the groundwork for an event that shone as bright as its centennial milestone.

Party of the Century!

The Rose Bowl’s 100th anniversary gala was a dazzling celebration, marked by the dramatic flyby of jets and a stunning fireworks display that lit up the evening. Inside, the event turned into a high-tech wonderland with immersive lighting that transformed the space with vibrant colors. The night featured a blend of live performances enhanced by cutting-edge sound and visual effects, captivating attendees. As music from Matt Mauser and the Pete Jacobs Big Band filled the air, guests danced the night away, celebrating a century of iconic events and looking forward to the future of this historic venue. This landmark event not only paid homage to the Rose Bowl’s storied past but also showcased its potential to host innovative and thrilling events, promising a continuation of its legacy as a premier entertainment destination.

In the illustrious history of The Rose Bowl, an event a century in the making demanded an extraordinary celebration. Postponed for several years due to unforeseen challenges, “The Party of The Century” became more than just a celebrationβ€”it evolved into a testament to resilience, creativity, and technical brilliance.

    Setting the Stage: The Significance of The Rose Bowl’s Centennial Celebration
    The Rose Bowl’s 100th Anniversary Celebration wasn’t merely a milestone; it was a journey through time, commemorating a century of excellence in stadium events, including the iconic Olympic Games. Beyond the festivities, it bore the noble purpose of raising funds to sustain the legacy of The Rose Bowl stadium, a venue that has witnessed countless historic moments.

    Overcoming Challenges: A Technical Marvel

    The journey to perfection was not without its challenges. The sheer scale of the stadium posed logistical hurdles, and the postponement due to the global pandemic added an extra layer of complexity. However, The One Up Group’s technical prowess shone through.

    The One Up Group’s Role: Technical Producers Extraordinaire

    As the appointed technical producer for “The Party of The Century,” The One Up Group faced a challenge unlike any other. Handling logistics, workflows, load-in and breakdown, area design, and power needs were just the tip of the iceberg. The One Up Group embraced the responsibility, elevating the celebration to new heights.

    Lighting Up Excellence: Innovative Strategies in Lighting Design

    In the vast expanse of The Rose Bowl stadium, The One Up Group conceptualized a lighting design that transcended the ordinary. Leveraging sensor racks and extending data cables to each light fixture, they achieved unprecedented individual control. The result? A symphony of lights that danced with music and segments, creating a mesmerizing, immersive experience for every attendee on the field.

    The heart of their innovation lay in the utilization of cue-to-cue precision. By studying the carefully chosen musical compositions, The One Up Group’s Lighting Designer crafted custom cues that seamlessly complemented the auditory experience. This fusion of visual and auditory elements transformed the celebration into an immersive masterpiece, leaving guests in awe

    Dazzling Depth: The Grandeur of Moving Heads and Bleacher Lighting

    One of the standout features was the strategic placement of moving heads high up in the stands, covering the entire 360-degree field. This ingenious move added a sense of depth between the bleacher lighting and the moving heads, creating a large-scale perimeter of lighting that dazzled and impressed.

    The collaborative effort between the technical team and the Lighting Designer resulted in a harmonious interplay of lights, each movement meticulously synchronized with the musical beats. The result was a breathtaking visual spectacle that surpassed all expectations.

    Overcoming Challenges: A Technical Marvel

    The journey to perfection was not without its challenges. The sheer scale of the stadium posed logistical hurdles, and the postponement due to the global pandemic added an extra layer of complexity. However, The One Up Group’s technical prowess shone through. Combatting signal loss over long data runs became a pivotal challenge. With meticulous planning, the technical team tracked each data line and implemented technical hardware to boost signal power. This strategic approach created redundancies within the lighting patch, ensuring a strong and solid connection to the lighting fixtures at all times.

      A Seamless Symphony: The Role of the Technical Director

      As the technical director of the show, The One Up Group’s leadership played a crucial role in the flawless execution of the lighting cues according to the run of the show. Rehearsals were scheduled with military precision, allowing the team to practice and refine these cues until they were executed to perfection.

      The technical director’s role became a linchpin in ensuring that the intricate dance of lights unfolded seamlessly, contributing to the overall success of “The Party of The Century.”

      Conclusion: A Resounding Success and Lasting Legacy

      In the end, The One Up Group’s technical brilliance not only met but exceeded the expectations set by The Rose Bowl’s 100th Anniversary Celebration. By overcoming challenges, embracing innovation, and creating a visual masterpiece that harmonized with the spirit of the event, The One Up Group solidified its place as a trailblazer in event marketing.

      “The Party of The Century” wasn’t just a celebration; it was a testament to the power of creativity, resilience, and technical expertise. The One Up Group’s contribution to this historic event serves as an inspiration for the events industry, showcasing that even in the face of adversity, excellence can be achieved.

      As the lights dimmed on the centennial celebration, The One Up Group’s orchestrated efforts illuminated the path for future events, setting a new standard for what’s possible in the world of event marketing and production. The Rose Bowl’s 100th Anniversary Celebration will be remembered not just as an event but as a shining example of the transformative power of collaboration, innovation, and a touch of technical magic.

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