Unveiling “Bargain” at TIFF – The One Up Group’s Experiential Triumph

Unveiling “Bargain” at TIFF – The One Up Group’s Experiential Triumph


Experiential Marketing

With a 40-person street team igniting anticipation on the ground, our experiential marketing efforts went beyond traditional promotion. From meticulously designed swag items that turned attendees into brand ambassadors to the transformation of an off-site venue into an immersive afterparty, every element was strategically crafted into a multi-sensory experience that elevated “Bargain’s” profile.



The One Up Group redefined ambiance and delivered cutting-edge lighting services that transformed the space into a true extension of the show’s narrative. From subtle hues to dynamic effects, every light served as a brushstroke, painting an unforgettable backdrop for an evening that transcended the traditional afterparty experience transporting attendees into the captivating world of “Bargain.”



Our immersive audio services were finely tuned to mirror the thematic elements of the show, enveloping attendees in a sonic landscape that heightened the senses. From subtle whispers to resonant beats, every note contributed to the creation of an atmosphere that seamlessly integrated with the visual and narrative components, ensuring that the afterparty wasn’t just heard but felt.



Every exhilarating moment, from the buzz of the street team to the immersive afterparty, was expertly distilled into a shareable video. This recap not only served as a cherished post-event memento but also became a powerful promotional tool for Paramount+, extending the reach and impact of “Bargain” far beyond the festival lights

Hybrid Harmony: Crafting Seamless Experiences Across Digital and Physical Realms

In the heart of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Paramount+ entrusted The One Up Group with the task of crafting an unforgettable afterparty for the global debut of their latest show, “Bargain.” What ensued was a masterclass in experiential event execution, seamlessly blending innovative marketing strategies with immersive design to elevate the brand experience.

Client: Paramount+

Hybrid Harmony: Crafting Seamless Experiences Across Digital and Physical Realms

The One Up Group orchestrated a dynamic 40-person street team, taking to the streets to engage directly with the audience and ignite anticipation for “Bargain.” Beyond mere promotion, these brand ambassadors sparked excitement and curiosity among potential viewers, creating a palpable buzz around the show.

“A Cinematic Triumph: The One Up Group’s Experiential Alchemy at TIFF for Paramount+ Bargain yields two thumbs up!”

Understanding the power of tangible connections, The One Up Group curated and designed exclusive swag items. These unique keepsakes not only served as event mementos but also extended the reach of “Bargain’s” branding, turning attendees into walking ambassadors for the show.

The pièce de résistance of the collaboration was the afterparty, held at an off-site venue. The One Up Group transformed the space with a fusion of complete lighting design, immersive audio experiences, and captivating graphic elements. The ambiance seamlessly mirrored the essence of “Bargain,” creating an unforgettable extension of the on-screen narrative.

To immortalize the moments of the afterparty, The One Up Group went above and beyond by capturing the magic on film. The video highlight recap condensed the energy and excitement of the evening into a shareable format, serving as both a post-event memento and an additional promotional tool for Paramount+.

The street team’s direct engagement tactics proved to be a resounding success, amplifying brand awareness and ensuring that “Bargain” was a topic of conversation throughout TIFF and beyond.<br>

The afterparty’s immersive design left a lasting impression on attendees, seamlessly connecting the event to the show’s thematic elements. Guests were not just spectators; they were active participants in the world of “Bargain.”

The carefully designed swag items became sought-after mementos, extending the reach of the “Bargain” brand as attendees proudly showcased their exclusive items long after the festival concluded. The video highlight recap served as a dynamic tool for engagement on social media platforms, reliving the highlights and encouraging further interaction with the show.

Through a harmonious blend of on-the-ground engagement, thoughtful design, and strategic content creation, The One Up Group not only met but exceeded the expectations set for the “Bargain” afterparty at TIFF. The success of this collaboration not only heightened the profile of the show but also solidified The One Up Group’s reputation as a trailblazer in experiential event design. As the curtain fell on TIFF, “Bargain” stood not just as a show but as a multi-sensory experience that resonated with audiences far beyond the confines of the screen. This immersive event breathed new life into the show’s themes and characters, captivating attendees and critics alike, and ensuring that “Bargain” was the talk of the festival.


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