Elevating Leadership Excellence: City National Bank’s Annual Leadership Meeting with The One Up Group


Audio / Video

The One Up Group’s expertise in audio and video production set the tone, creating a sensory journey that elevated the event to new heights. With meticulous attention to detail, they seamlessly integrated technology to craft an unforgettable experience, ensuring every visual and auditory element resonated with the spirit of innovation and leadership excellence.



City National Bank’s Annual Leadership Meeting dazzled under The One Up Group’s radiant lighting services. From the Awards Gala’s glamour to the Leadership Summit’s ambiance, their mastery in lighting transformed the event into a mesmerizing spectacle.


Stage Design

City National Bank’s Annual Leadership Meeting was a visual feast, courtesy of The One Up Group’s LED video screens and stage designs. From dynamic Awards Gala backdrops to the cutting-edge Leadership Summit setup, their innovation transformed the event into a cinematic experience.


Power Distribution

Powering up success! The One Up Group ensured flawless execution with their expert power distribution services. They kept every moment illuminated, emphasizing the critical role of seamless power for an unforgettable experience. At The One Up Group, their motto is: The power behind the scenes ensures brilliance in every spotlight.

Client Overview: CNB (City National bank) has been dubbed the “Bank to the Stars” due to its extensive relationships with numerous Hollywood entertainment industry clients, and deals with many exclusive and premier clients from various media, including television, film, theater and the arts.

Event Background: In the dynamic landscape of corporate events, City National Bank took center stage with a groundbreaking Annual Leadership Meeting, meticulously curated over two impactful days by The One Up Group. This event for 750 top leaders became a testament to the evolving landscape of experiential marketing, marked by innovative event lighting, audio, and video production services.

The One Up Group seamlessly orchestrated a symphony of services, transforming mere elements into an immersive experience. From the mesmerizing interplay of event lighting, audio, video, and stage design during the Awards Gala to the intricate technical details managed by their expert staffing, every facet was carefully curated to elevate the overall ambiance.

The Awards Gala became a beacon of celebration, bathed in captivating visuals and acoustics that heightened the emotional resonance of each award announcement. This was more than an evening of recognition; it was a sensorial journey, with The One Up Group’s expertise in event lighting, audio, and video production playing a pivotal role in creating an atmosphere that resonated with the energy and accomplishments of City National Bank.

The following day unfolded into the Annual Leadership Summit, a thought-provoking forum for strategic discussions. The One Up Group’s commitment to experiential marketing shone through as they transformed the venue into a dynamic space conducive to collaboration. Every corner of the space was a canvas for engagement, showcasing not just audio and video, but a holistic production that captivated the audience.

Beyond Events, Into Experiences: The One Up Group Redefines Corporate Gatherings for City National Bank

However, The One Up Group’s contribution didn’t stop at traditional event services. They pioneered a hybrid experience that seamlessly blended the physical and virtual, responding to the growing demand for connectivity across global teams. This was more than live streaming; it was a carefully crafted digital extension of the physical event. Interactive Q&A sessions and real-time polls transcended geographical boundaries, ensuring that each leader, regardless of their location, felt an integral part of the unfolding narrative.

In essence, what emerged from the collaboration between The One Up Group and City National Bank was not just an event but a holistic experience. The integration of services wasn’t a mere technicality but a strategic move to create an immersive journey for the attendees. The Annual Leadership Meeting served as a canvas where innovative event lighting, audio, and video production converged, painting a new standard for corporate gatherings as transformative experiences.


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