Elevating the Skies – Air China’s Spectacular Gala Event Introduces Direct Flight from China to LA


Audio / Video

From immersive soundscapes that transported guests to new heights to visually stunning displays that painted the skies, our services ensured that the introduction of Air China’s direct flight from China to LA was not just a journey; it was an unforgettable audiovisual experience, leaving attendees soaring with excitement and anticipation



Lights, camera, and luminous magic! The One Up Group transformed Air China’s inaugural flight gala into a radiant spectacle. Our lighting services painted the venue in hues of elegance, seamlessly fusing Chinese heritage with the vibrant spirit of Los Angeles. As the sun set, our lights rose, creating an atmosphere where every moment glowed with the promise of a new adventure.


Stage Design & Fabrication

In the realm where runways meet the skies, The One Up Group crafted more than a stage; they engineered an experience for Air China’s grand gala. Transforming the venue into a runway of dreams, our stage design and fabrication services seamlessly blended Chinese allure with the glamour of Los Angeles. Every step taken became a moment, every strut an anticipation of new horizons



Where East meets West, and tradition dances with innovation, The One Up Group curated a cultural extravaganza for Air China’s groundbreaking flight gala. From enchanting traditional melodies to contemporary beats, our Asian entertainment offerings painted the event with the rich hues of the Orient. Elevating the journey from China to LA with every performance, we turned the skies into a stage and the event into a cultural celebration.

East Meets West: Air China’s Trans-Pacific Gala

Client Overview: Air China is the only flag-carrier aviation company in China, and a member of the world’s largest airline alliance Star Alliance, the official aviation transportation partner of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Paralympics and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Air China takes the lead among domestic airlines in passenger transportation and other related services.

Event Overview: Air China introduced a direct flight from Shenzhen to Los Angeles and enlisted the help of The One Up Group to produce a two day gala honoring this new partnership between China and The US.

In the ever-evolving landscape of event planning, a true testament to innovation and seamless execution emerged when The One Up Group took the reins in designing and producing a two-day gala event for Air China. The occasion? The grand introduction of Air China’s groundbreaking new direct flight from China to Los Angeles.

Setting the Stage: Crafting an Unforgettable Experience

From the inception of the project, The One Up Group recognized the importance of not merely hosting an event but curating an experience that would linger in the memories of attendees. The gala was meticulously designed to embody the sophistication and cultural richness of both China and Los Angeles, weaving together elements that celebrated the seamless connection facilitated by the new direct flight.

A Symphony of Services: Audio, Video, Design, and Beyond

The success of any event lies in the intricate dance of various elements working harmoniously. The One Up Group left no stone unturned, providing a full suite of services that ranged from state-of-the-art audiovisual setups to awe-inspiring event design. The audiovisual experience was carefully calibrated to create an immersive atmosphere, ensuring every moment resonated with the excitement and anticipation of the new air route.

“The design aesthetic reflected a marriage of Chinese elegance and the vibrant energy of Los Angeles. From the venue layout to the smallest decorative details, every element was thoughtfully curated to represent the fusion of cultures and the promise of a seamless travel experience”

Entertainment Extravaganza: Bridging Cultures Through Performance

Entertainment took center stage, with carefully curated performances that bridged the cultural gap between China and Los Angeles. Traditional Chinese music harmonized with the beats of Hollywood, creating an unforgettable medley that encapsulated the essence of the new flight route. Local and international artists graced the stage, leaving the audience captivated and enthralled.

Scouting Excellence: Location, Location, Location

The venue itself was a star in this grand production. The One Up Group undertook rigorous location scouting to find a space that not only accommodated the scale of the event but also provided a backdrop that complemented the theme. The result was a venue that seamlessly blended with the event’s narrative, enhancing the overall ambiance and setting the stage for a truly spectacular gala.

The Grand Finale: Celebrating Success and New Horizons

As the two-day gala reached its crescendo, it was clear that The One Up Group had not just produced an event but had orchestrated an experience that transcended expectations. The gala not only celebrated the launch of a new flight but also marked a milestone in the collaboration between two cultures.

Air China’s direct flight from China to Los Angeles soared into the skies amidst applause, marking not only a new chapter in aviation but a triumph in event planning excellence. The One Up Group’’s ability to seamlessly integrate audio, video, design, entertainment, and location scouting set a new standard for Air China, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and setting the bar high for future endeavors.

In the world of events, where every detail matters, The One Up Group demonstrated that crafting an immersive and unforgettable experience requires not just expertise but a deep understanding of the cultural nuances that make each event unique. The Air China gala stands as a shining example of what happens when innovation, dedication, and creativity converge at 35,000 feet and beyond.


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