2015 Guide: The Hottest Party Trends

When anyone plans to host an event, they always want to be different than the rest. Better then the last party, and more creative then the next. The first thing people realize when they start to plan their event is the overwhelming amount of choices when it comes to food, music, invitations, decorations, and entertainment. With so many choices, the right choices seem to be difficult to make.

Fortunately, event planners specialize in making such decisions, and I’ve asked my dear party planner friends who have been cumulatively working in the industry longer than I’ve walked this earth to chime in on what their seeing as the new up and coming party trends. There are several factors that will be trending during the upcoming year and if you follow these suggestions, you’re sure to put on one memorable event your guests will be raving about.


People say this is THE most important aspect to a successful party. I hate to be the myth buster on this one but it’s not. Although food is important and the presentation is what sets the culinary experience apart, Music and entertainment is what will leave

people talking about your party the next day. We’ll get to that shortly, but while we’re on the topic of food, there are several catering styles that are gaining traction nowadays. Elaborate miniature foods is stealing the show. It seems the portions are diminishing while the presentation is the catalyst for a hunger quenching experience.

The allure of having your favorite restaurant cater your event is gaining traction as well. Serving different foods from your favorite dining spots is certainly feasible and a reflection of your taste buds. You also know exactly how it’ll taste, so a taste tasting appointment can be avoided with this option.

Food isn’t the only aspect

you should consider when planning your event. Cocktails play a major role in setting the mood, atmosphere, and ensuring those dancing feet are ready to hit the dance floor. We call that liquid courage. Food and drink pairings are continuing to be a trend as they are still a fairly new concept at events.

Mixology is the art or skill of preparing drinks. Nowadays, you can customize drinks based on your theme. Beware of going overboard with customizing the drinks, as people might wait too long at the bar for a social lubricant. If you’re throwing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, mocktail bars are very popular, allowing kids to experiment with new flavor drinks and feel more adult-like.


When was the last time you went to party and didn’t hear music? NEVER! That’s because music is the quintessential element of any party. Dancing is still the ultimate goal for anyone throwing an event, unless it’s a dinner party or bridal shower,

and even then, people like to boogie down a bit. Bands are always a lively and exciting option, but can get real pricey. The new trend is to mesh a DJ with live musicians. This way, you still get the live music feel with the ability to play any song requested throughout the night. At One Up Entertainment, we’ve been mixing an electric violinist, a trumpet player and a percussionist to accompany the Dj and the results are marvelous!


A theme is very important to an event because it will eliminate a lot of options that can sometimes clutter your mind when it comes to planning an event. By having a theme, you are limiting yourself to a certain look, feel, and ambiance which is a great strategy to utilize when selecting the decor. Lounge environments are classy, sophisticated and are not going anywhere in terms of trends in 2015. I really like this sort of look because it creates a sense of home. Lounge decor is also great because although it is comfortable, it typically doesn’t keep your guests sitting for very long which means they are either on the dance floor, at the bar, or shmoozing around the room. Movement and flow are two very important elements to consider when choosing your decor.

Television shows are a huge inspiration for themes nowadays. From ‘Game of Thrones’ to ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Mad Men,’ TV shows are playing a major role in thematic parties. Whether it’s a color, black tie affair, or center pieces with props from such shows, we’re seeing more and more of a hollywood influence.


After you’re done with all the fun stuff, it’s time to send out invitations. With social media booming right now, a major trend is digital invitations. it’s not only cost effective but fully customizable and can visually express much more than just text. On the tangible side of things, invitations are becoming much more detail oriented. Favorite products are being printed on and utilized as the party favor/ invitation. For example, we did a soccer themed event where the invitation was printed on a soccer ball and people had to inflate the ball to read the invitation.

Whatever the occasion may be, you will have a million ideas, thoughts, and options to bring your vision to life. Don’t let options confuse you, utilize them to cater to what you need. Breaking an event down to the core elements will eliminate a sense of hopelessness. Focus on one item at a time and let the good times roll.


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2015 Guide: The Hottest Party Trends

When anyone plans to host an event, they always want to be different than the rest. Better then the last […]

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