10 Holiday Party Tips


holiday-Infographic4web-2013cSo itís the holiday season and youíre looking to give back to the hard working employees who have done a tremendous job this year. Well kudos to you! Here are some of the benefits your company can enjoy from a holiday party. A Holiday party is very important to company morale:

75% yield better friendships in the workplace.

71% enhance office culture.

57% improve teambuilding

18% Increased Productivity.

These are all astonishing figures that can truly have a positive impact on your companyís production. Besides, look at the bright side, you can finally show off your dance moves!

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Ultimate guide to planning a Bar Bat Mitzvah


Bar-Mitzvah-Preparation-GuideTransitioning from childhood to adulthood is always fun. It means you get to move out soon! It also means you get to throw a party and celebrate

with family and friends. Times have changed from the days you got hoisted up on a chair at the synagogue and called it a day. Planning a bar bat mitzvah nowadays takes a lot of time, patience and creativity.

People are always trying to outdo the last bar bat mitzvah theyíve been to. Itís a race to be called the king of the Mitzvahs. In order to plan such an extravaganza, careful planning is required to make sure the party goes off without a hitch. We want to stress that a Mitzvah is not all about the glitz and glamour. Itís important not to lose track of the symbolic meaning of what it is to be Bar/Bat Mitzvahíed. Whatever the budget, big or small, we wanted to steer you in the right direction when it came to planning.

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Tech Is The New White | Wedding Trends Edition


Social-Weddings-TrendsSo youíre ready to tie the knot and it itís time to send out some invites. In a digital

world where social media is the driving force of our existence, capturing our everyday lives in the form of a post, tweet, or pic, the wedding industry has been revolutionized into a digital marketplace by apps and websites.† Thereís more ways to tie in social media when tying the knot.

The average cost of a wedding dress is $1,099 with couples spending approximately $190 per guest

that attend. The average age of a bride is 29 while a groom is 31. An estimated 17% of couples share their wedding plan information online. You can use social media to poll about wedding songs, tweet to bridesmaids, and make arrangements. domain name search australia The infographic below discusses what a digital high tech wedding looks like in current times.

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