Candle Lighting Alternatives

A major question people face today when planning their bar or bat mitzvah is whether or not they have a candle lighting ceremony at their event.  Traditionally, people incorporate a candle lighting ceremony so the host family can thank their guests and have a photo opportunity with them, but nowadays photos are being captured at every moment of the event with social media

playing such a prominent role in everyone’s lives. Some opt out of the candle lighting because it either takes take too long, interrupts the flow of the party, or the fear of excluding some people. find domain name . All these reasons are valid, but there are numerous alternatives you can take to still honor the traditional ceremony with a creative twist.

One Up Entertainment Circle of Light

One Up Entertainment Candle Lighting Alternative – Circle of Light

Our personal favorite is the ‘Circle of Light.’ Instead of individually calling friends and family members up to light each candle, you hand out candles to your entire party and the host family goes and lights one candle from each table. That candle will then go and light the remainder of the table until you are left with a room full of lit candles. Visually, it is stunning to take in and is done under five minutes. Everyone is honored this way and you can continue with the rest of party.

One Up Entertainment

One Up Entertainment’s Candle Lighting Alternative – Fill My Heart




If you’re looking for a unique alternative to the candles, an interesting approach is the ‘Cup of Life’ where instead of lighting candles, honored guests come up and pour a glass of wine into a large goblet. Each cup can represent something different and at the end you have a goblet full of blessed wine. This approach can be tweaked by utilizing candy, sand, or anything else that

pertains to the theme or your liking and you can call it ‘Fill My Heart.

Ultimately, the goal is for everyone to have a good time, and there is no right or wrong way to approach this ceremonial tradition. Just remember, have fun and do what feels right. With the right team behind you (DJ, MC, Event Planner) everything will go smoothly and the party will always rock!

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