Ultimate guide to planning a Bar Bat Mitzvah


Bar-Mitzvah-Preparation-GuideTransitioning from childhood to adulthood is always fun. It means you get to move out soon! It also means you get to throw a party and celebrate

with family and friends. Times have changed from the days you got hoisted up on a chair at the synagogue and called it a day. Planning a bar bat mitzvah nowadays takes a lot of time, patience and creativity.

People are always trying to outdo the last bar bat mitzvah they’ve been to. It’s a race to be called the king of the Mitzvahs. In order to plan such an extravaganza, careful planning is required to make sure the party goes off without a hitch. We want to stress that a Mitzvah is not all about the glitz and glamour. It’s important not to lose track of the symbolic meaning of what it is to be Bar/Bat Mitzvah’ed. Whatever the budget, big or small, we wanted to steer you in the right direction when it came to planning.

Preparations should start two years ahead of time. This is the best time to obtain a date from the synagogue and set a budget. A budget is dependent on many factors. For example, what kind of event do you want to have? How many people will you be expecting? These are important questions to ask yourself in the preliminary stages of the planning process.

By 18 months, you should contact the venues you have in mind, come up with the theme, finalize colors, and consider some options for catering. At this time, it’s also best to research a DJ or band for your event since entertainment is an integral part of the party.

Save the dates can be sent out six months in advance with formal invitations sent three months out when you’re guest list is finalized. Following your celebrations, send out thank you notes roughly 2-4 weeks after the Mitzvah.

At this point, be prepared to pay full admission for your little grown up at all the amusement parks.

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